PondXpert Spin clean Auto 75000 with moving bed.

PondXpert Spin clean Auto 75000 with moving bed.


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PondXpert Spin clean Auto 75000 with moving bed.


Another technology breakthrough – The Spinclean Auto 75000 is our biggest filter yet! 

Suitable for ponds up to 75,000 litres (Goldfish) or 37,500 litres (Koi). Maximum flow rate is 20,000lph.

This pond filter threatens to ‘stir up’ the pondkeeping world! Based on the bestselling PondXpert SpinClean filter this ‘PLUS’ model includes an in-built motor which cleans the foam filters for you. It is a step up from other pond filters on the market and is suitable for Koi!

Automated Backflush System: You don’t need to lift the lid off this filter to clean it! Just operate the automated backflush system as follows:
1. Turn your pump off and turn the blue dial to ‘Clean’.
2. The filter will show a red light and the motor will turn the cleaning paddle against the sponges.
3. After 3 minutes cleaning a ‘beep’ indicates cleaning is finished. Switch the pump on to flush the dirt via the dedicated waste outlet.
4. Once the waste outlet water runs clear, turn your pump off and turn the dial back to ‘pond’.
5. Switch pump back ‘on’

Cleaning Indicator: This pressurised filter includes a cleaning indicator.

In-Built UVC: The PondXpert SpinClean Auto 75000 includes a powerful built in 60w UVC functionality, keeping your pond clean and clear for the long term!

UVC bulb included


  • Dimensions:
    * Diameter: 75cm
    * Height: 88cm
  • Volume: 300 litres
  • Voltage: 220-240v/50Hz
  • UVC power: 60w (single-ended)
  • Power cable length: 5 metres (1 x cable only)
  • Foams: Blue (x4) & yellow (x3)
  • Guarantee: 3 years
  • Maximum flow-rate: 20,000 litres
  • Max. pond volume:
    * Goldfish: 75,000 litres (20,000 gallons)
    * Koi: 37,500 litres (5,500 gallons)
  • Inlet/outlet hose size: 32/38/40/50mm
  • Waste outlet size: 25/32/38/40mm
  • Packed full of filter media to clear your pond of dirt and debris
  • Unique motorised cleaning feature
  • Internal cleaning mechanism reduces need to access filter media
  • Cleaning indicator included


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