OASE Profi clear premium. Drum plus moving media chamber. Gravity feed

OASE Profi clear premium. Drum plus moving media chamber. Gravity feed


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The OASE premium compact has the advantages of a self cleaning drum filter with the added bonus of a built in cleaning pump and a moving media chamber housing HeleX media for compact and simple mechanical and biological filtration in one easy unit.

  • Compact and self-cleaning drum filter unit for ponds up to 80 m³
  • Inexpensive alternative for smaller ponds, particularly koi ponds
  • Available in the pump-fed principle and in the gravity-fed principle
  • With the Moving Bed System for optimal water movement and cleaning of the water
  • High separating capacity through deep-bed filtration of up to 80 microns
  • New Hel-X 13 with significantly enlarged surface for effective decomposition of nutrients and pollutants
  • Lower installation height also enables gravity-fed systems where space is limited
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 885 x 685 x 820
Rated voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption W 5
Power consumption cleaning W 870
Cable length m 5.00 + 5.00
Net weight kg 70
Guarantee*G (+ request guarantee) Jahre 2 + 1
Control unit Microcontroller
Temperature display Digital
Coarse debris extraction MIM 80
Number of nozzles / cleaning flow rate 2 x 3.5 l/min
Scavenging pump 4 bar
Automatic self cleaning Sensor
Material GRP Duroplast/stainless steel
Biological filter surface m2 38,2
Biological filter surface protected m2 32,2
Number of inlets ST 2
Connection inlet DN 110
Connection to Bitron Gravity
Number of outlets ST 1
Connections, outlet DN 110
Connections, sludge discharge DN 75
Connection mud drain DN 110
Min. flow rate l/h 7500
Max. flow rate l/h 16500
Suitable for ponds up to max. m3 88
Suitable for ponds with fish stock m3 44
Suitable for ponds with koi m3 22
Type of use Gravity fed system
Installation height above water level cm 10,5
Item no. 47011
EAN 4010052470115

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