Evolution Aqua Evofeed Automatic Pond-feeder

Evolution Aqua Evofeed Automatic Pond-feeder



Going on holiday?

Want to feed your fish multiple times a day?

Professional breeders are feeding their fish small quantities several times a day, this improves health, colour and growth. With this pond feeder you can automatically feed your fish. This feeder is battery operated and comes with rechargeable battery pack and charger and therefore very safe to use and can be installed anywhere. Place the feeder on the edge of the pond or quarantine tank and the unique dispenser will spread the food over the pond.


  • Advantages
    • Automatic feeding, 1 to 6 times per day
    • Food amount is adjustable
    • Battery operated for safe usage
    • Designed for pellet food only, NOT suitable for sticks or flake food
    • Food container has a capacity of up to 10 litre
    • User manual enclosed


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