SuperFish spawning brushes

SuperFish spawning brushes




2 Spawning brushes: 120 x 14 cm.

Koi Pro spawning brushes are especially developed for breeding koi. To breed koi, put one mature female and at least two mature male koi  together, nature does the rest. During the spawning season (usually from April to July) place the brush on top of each other just below the water surface, at the edge of the pond.

Remove the brushes from the pond after the koi have spawned, otherwise the eggs will be eaten. Place the brushes with the eggs in filtered water of the same temperature as the pond. The eggs will come out after 3 to 6 days.

The needs special micro feed such as Hikari Plankton to survive, this is available in different sizes from your dealer. you must keep the young koi separated and feed them until they are about 5cm, after which you can put them back into the pond.


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