Chloramine T

For use only with Koi Carp.

Chloramine T can be used for the treatment against bacterial diseases, including bacterial gul disease and Costa, as well as for the reduction of pathogenic bacterial levels.


Switch of uv stentizer until course of treatment is complete. Use accurate scales to measure connect dose. Ensure porch remains sealed after each use.


To reduce pathogenic bacterial levels in pond water, add 5g per loo gallons ( 4564 litres) of pond water. Repeat after 24 hours for a maximum of 5 days.

To reduce parasite levels in pond water, add 15g per 1000 gallons (4564 litres) of pond water, for 4 days 24 hours apart. This treatment regime can be repeated after 14 days y new necessary.

Fill clean watering can with pond water, then add Chlorine T. Ensure powder is dissolved before gradually sprinkling across the surface area of the pond over a 1 hour period. Do not use below 12.5°C.


Please check your ph and kh prior to using as Chlorine T can be very toxic in soft water. Y your ph is below ph7 (acid) and has or general hardness below 6° dh I soft water) reduce the close by 75%.



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