Acriflavine 1%

Acriflavine 1%


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Kockney Koi’s Pond Medic Plus Acriflavine 1% is a treatment against aquatic bacterial infections such as Flagellates, Fungi, Protozoa and viruses such as Carp Pox.  

Directions: Switch off UV Steriliser until course of treatment is complete.  Tighten cap and mix well.  Using a clean watering can with pond water add the Acriflavine using the measuring cup to get the correct dose.  Slowly apply to the pond over a 1 hour period, this will prevent shocking the pond.

Dosage:  Use 10ml per 682 litres (150 Gallons) of pond water. Repeat dose once after 10 days.


Calculate your pond volume accurately (DO NOT GUESS).

Monitor your fish during all treatments.  DO NOT treat last thing at night, the day before

you go on holiday or just before you go out.

Aeration is essential during treatment.  If necessary, use an additional air pump.

Filtration should be maintained at all time.

Switch off Ultra violet filters during treatment.

Do not overdose as it may cause fish fatalities.

Do not use in conjunction with any other medications.

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