Superfish Koi Pro Combi Drum 30000 filter Pump fed

Superfish Koi Pro Combi Drum 30000 filter Pump fed





compact drum filter with biological filter in one 

suitable for koi ponds up to 30,000 litres

Supplied with 50L of Oase Hel-X moving media.


  • Available as pump fed filter and Gravity filter.
  • Low maintenance self cleaning filter.
  • Compact design (117 x 77 x 74.5 cm ) with all inlets, outlets and dirt water drain on one side of the filter/
  • the combi drum uses approximately 4 litres of pond water for cleaning.
  • Filter housing made of high quality polypropylene.
  • Drum filter with a 120 micron screen panel.
  • Built-in high pressure rinse pump (750 Watt, 4 Bar).
  • Electric motor, protected by automatic friction clutch.
  • Biological filter chamber with Hi-Oxi air stones, 8/12 mm air hose and Quick-fit connection for optional air pump (1200 L/h).
  • Integrated 40 watt High Output immersion UVC.
  • Control box to connect all electrical equipment.
  • Safety, the system switches automatically into “Safety mode” when the water level inside the filter is so low (Gravity model) or too high (Pump fed model).
  • Optional: Hang on protection cover, enabling you to attach the control box and the rising pump capacitor box to the filter, protected from  water splash and rain.
  • Custom made Japanese matting cartridge is available separately.
  • 2 year warranty and comprehensive user manual.

Instillation and delivery available can be seen in store contact the shop for any queries or questions you have.


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