Super fish feeder

Super fish feeder


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‘Koi pro fish feeder.

With this automatic fish feeder you can automatically feed your fish.

Feeding a smaller quantity of food on a regular basis has a beneficial effect on the health of the fish and pond.

Feeding several times a day ensures maximum growth of you fish and beautiful colour patterns.
Because the fish eat all the food, there will be less pollution of the water and it reduces the load on the filter.


  • Easy to set, 1 to 24 automatic feedings per day.
  • Quantity of pellets can be set per dosing
  • Suitable for pellets between 2 and 9 mm.
  • Container for up to 7 litres of food.
  • Less load on the Pond Filter.
  • Mounting bracket suitable for wall and floor.
  • The lid can be closed with a twist open/ close lid.
  • The feeder can be disconnected from the controller for maintenance.
  • 10 meters of cable.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • User manual enclosed.





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