Scaping Foam

Scaping Foam




Scaping Foam

Black () foam. Suitable for creating waterfalls and streams as well as backgrounds in aquariums and terrariums. Dry start giving it a natural look. High adhesive power on almost all materials and substrates (both porous and non-porous): e.g. Polyester, natural stone, concrete, wood, metals, many plastics, etc. Scaping foam is safe for plants and animals, when the foam has fully cured after spraying out.


Please read safety instructions before use! The surface must be dry, clean, grease – and dust free. Remove loose parts and pre-moisten surface. Shake that can at least 20 times vigorously and screw the straw on the up right can. Hold the can upside down and spray out the foam; fill joints up to 60%, for large joints sprays several times. After ±15 minutes The phone is tack free, complete curing can take up to 24 hours, depending on foam thickness. Process between 10 and 25°C. Slight discolouration is possible.

375ml can


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