PondXpert Ultra Flow 5300

PondXpert Ultra Flow 5300




PondXpert Ultra Flow 5300

The PondXpert UltraFlow 5300 pump is the latest generation filter pump that ticks all the boxes. Super Features, Low Running Costs, Great Price, and a 3 Year Guarantee!

The flow rate of the PondXpert UltraFlow 5300 is 5,300lph and it is perfect for ponds up to 10,600 litres. 

Auto Off Feature: These pumps will turn themselves off if the water levels decrease below the level of the pump; offering valuable protection in shallow ponds or hot weather!

Dry-Running Pump: These pumps can be ran ‘dry’ if required.

(Please Note: The pump should be positioned below pond water level if you are running the pump dry).


* Length: 25cm
* Width: 18cm
* Height: 11.5cm

Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz

Wattage: 30w

Power cable length: 10m

Guarantee: 3 years

Maximum flow-rate: 5,300lph

Flow-rate at 1m head height: 3,900lph

Maximum head height: 3.3m

Outlet size: 25/32/38/40mm

Auto-Off feature shuts down motor if your water level runs too low

Can be run submersed underwater or used ‘dry’ (e.g. if used to run a gravity-fed filter system in a koi pond)

Carry handle (useful for safely lifting pump out of pond)

Designed to run 24/7, 365 days per year

Handles 6mm solid particles



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