PondXpert Triple Action 2000

PondXpert Triple Action 2000




PondXpert Triple Action 2000




The PondXpert TripleAction 2000  pump is our best value, powerful all-in-one pond pump is a multi-functional underwater solution that comes at a super low price.


A strong, reliable all-in-one pump designed for a maximum pond size of 2,000 litres (no fish) or 1,000 litres (goldfish).

The super PondXpert TripleAction 2000 from market leaders PondXpert is packed with fantastic features. The TripleAction units have an extensive filtration area to help suck up any dirt and debris from your pond; keeping the pond clean and clear.

Easy Access: This filter is easily accessed by simply removing a screw underneath the handle and removing the cage. Perfect for cleaning & maintenance.

Fountain Set: A fountain kit is included with telescopic pipework and a choice of three displays. The pump flow can be directed to a fountain and/or to a waterfall or feature by adjusting the supplied T-piece.

In-Built UVC: These filters include a built in 5w UVC functionality, keeping your pond clean and clear for the long term!

UVC bulb included.

Foams and Biomedia Included: The TripleAction units include foam filtration along with biomedia which provides biological filtration.


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