Pond Medic Dechlorinator

Pond Medic Dechlorinator


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Removes all chloramines and harmful toxins from tap water.

Kockney Koi Dechlorinator is an essential additive for all new pond water. This advanced product ensures complete conditioning of tap water by removing all harmful chlorine compounds. This product is completely harmless to all pond life, filters, and other animal wildlife.


Add 10ml per 750 Litres (150 Gallons) using the measuring cup provided. Treat all water entering the pond including topping up water. Never assume that tap water is safe.

Always mix in a suitable container with pond water and distribute evenly around the pond.

Calculate your pond volume accurately. To calculate your pond volume: Length x Width x Depth x 6.25 = Gallonage (all measurements are in feet). 

If in doubt please contact us for help.

Available in three sizes: 250ml, 500ml, 1 Litre

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