Kockney Koi Alfagrog Filter Pond Media

Kockney Koi Alfagrog Filter Pond Media


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What is Alfagrog?

Alfagrog is a porous foamed ceramic material, which is lightweight, strong and inert. It’s high surface area makes it the natural choice for colonisation by micro organisms in biological filtration systems resulting in cleaner water. Benefits of Alfagrog over other filter media.

Benefits of Alfagrog over other filter media:

  • Extremely high surface area
  • Highly porous
  • Inert, pH neutral
  • Lightweight
  • Available worldwide
  • Economical

Why is Alfagrog so effective?

The key to effective biological filtration is choosing media with the highest surface area possible to allow beneficial bacteria to colonise and remove waste from the water. Alfagrog has an extremely high surface area by volume compared with other types of filter media on the market.

The chart below shows that in theory approximately 20 times more volume of foam would be required to attain the same level of filtration as Alfagrog E40 and almost 40 times as much as Alfagrog E25. This means a smaller filtration unit can be used when using Alfagrog to attain the same results as a much larger unit filled with inferior and often more expensive filter media.


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