Elite Premium Koi Food

Elite Premium Koi Food


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Elite Premium

Elite Premium is a very high quality, immune enhancing, food for Koi. We have formulated our food to provide the correct balance of ingredients for Koi. Elite foods are lucky enough to include clay. Exeter University Biology Department, 16 years ago, discovered that the addition of clay removed stress proteins from the digestive tract. Stress proteins come from feeding food that contains airborne spores of Fungi and Algae. This subsequently inhibits the fish’s ability to absorb and digest food efficiently, this can lead to poor growth and health. clay has the effect of cleansing the digestive tract, allowing the high quality ingredients to be absorbed, keeping your fish happy and healthy. Key benefits of Elite Premium include: Garlic to reduce parasitic infestations. clay for better digestion of up to 22% Antartic Krill, Spirulina, Shrimp Meal to improve colour.

Basic analysis: Protein 37%, Oil 6%, Fibre 3.2%, Ash 9.7%, Moisture 10%.

Available in 2 Kg or 4.5 Kg and now in 15kg sacks

Medium 4-5mm pellet size

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