Colombo medic Box

Colombo medic Box



Morenicol medic Box

The Colombo medic box is a complete set for the treatment of wounds and ulcers on pond fish. An adequate treatment of wound on pond fish is essential for a good a quick recovery. If a wound is not treated well, it might become infected, necessitating a further treatment with antibiotics. The Colombo medic box contains a dropper bottle with anaesthetic, hydrogen peroxide for wound disinfection Colombo propolis wound spray cotton buds and gloves.

Read the complete manual before use.


Short directions:

Add 20 drops per 10 litres of the anaesthetic in a bowl with water and put in the fish. As soon as the fish is completely anaesthetised, remove it from the water and put it on a wet towel. Clean the wound thoroughly with hydrogen peroxide and nourish the wound with the spray. Subsequently return the fish to the pond. Observe the fish until its complete recovered.


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