4 in 1 Pond Care Kit

4 in 1 Pond Care Kit




4 in 1 Pond Care Kit


An adaptable pond maintenance set from PondXpert.


What a versatile pond product! It’s a skimmer net for fallen leaves & surface debris, a tough brush which is ideal for keeping waterfalls and liner clean, and also a deep catching net that is particularly ideal for fish.

The pack contains 3 great interchangeable heads and 1 sturdy telescopic 1.8m pole that is extremely lightweight and well-manufactured. This is the only net your pond will ever need.

Ideal for: catching fish, removing debris, removing fallen leaves and blossom, cleaning waterfalls, brushing pond edging, cleaning blanketweed string algae
Catching net dimensions: 45cm (17″)
Skimming net: 35cm (14″)
Sturdy pond brush
4 part strong telescopic pole


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