Koi carp fish which are usually for sale is a kind of Amur carp renowned for their beauty and popularity. This fish is often kept as a decorative addition to backyard ponds and other water features. While they may look similar to goldfish, they are a distinct species with a long and storied history in Asian culture. A pond in the outdoors can benefit from its vivid colours and lively antics.

Meaning of Koi Fish

Koi is merely a popular term for these fish, which are more properly known as Nishikigoi or Japanese koi. The term Nishikigoi means “swimming gem.” Koi fish are popular pets in Japan because of the good fortune they are thought to bring their owners.

Koi Fish Pond

Common places to find koi are outdoor ponds with other fish as pets. Having a pond on your property is a terrific way to relax and enjoy your Koi. They also add aesthetic value to your home or business because of the ornate rockwork and waterfalls that typically feature Koi keeping. Koi are freshwater fish that thrive in temperatures ranging from 45 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. The optimal range for a koi aquarium’s temperature is 68°F to 75°F. Koi benefit from the thermocline (temperature gradient) that can be maintained in a deep pond.

Because of this, Koi will have an easier time hibernating in a deep pond. A pond’s water level can freeze from 18 to 24 inches deep. You can save your fish from dying in the winter by ensuring your pond is deep enough. When the water temperature drops to between 45- and 50 degrees Fahrenheit, Koi will enter a dormant state called torpor. Their metabolism will slow to a trickle, and they won’t need to eat as much. Koi can be protected from the cold by installing a pond heater to raise the water temperature. You can take preventative precautions if your pond freezes over in the winter. For instance, the survival of your Koi may depend on your ability to cut a hole in the ice and install an aerator.

The Varieties of Koi Fish Coloration

The original koi club, Zen Nippon Airinkai, is responsible for regulating koi breeding and grading. They have classified more than a hundred different types of Koi into 16 separate categories. Koi varies greatly in colour, pattern, and scale size. Thanks to selective breeding, new koi varieties are consistently being created.

Many types of Koi can be broken down into their base red (Hi), base white (Shiro), and black base colours (Sumi). You also see a lot of yellow, orange, blue, and cream, among other colours. The metallic shine of silver or gold can give some fish an unusual appearance. Tri-Coloured koi are the most popular, but single-, double-, and even multi-coloured varieties exist.


Koi carp fish that are for sale are the hardiest fish species, maintaining a brisk swimming pace even when the water temperature drops. Because of their size and strength, they may appear more robust than other fish. Their stature and longevity have become a symbol of good fortune and long life.

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