Domesticated koi goldfish are attractive pond ornaments. Their colours and designs attract many people. Koi isn’t native to Japan, but the Japanese have retained them for millennia. Carp is Koi in Japanese. 

Koi netting is easy with the right equipment. Fine-mesh net and fish storage are needed. Working with businesses near you with koi supplies is easier. Koi are most active first thing in the morning. When Koi-netting, you should silently approach the pond to avoid scaring the fish. To catch a Koi, submerge and sweep the net across the water. Avoid hurting the fish or breaking the trap. Catching a koi is easy; the hard part is transferring it without hurting it. Repeat this process until you have enough Koi.

Categorisations of Koi Fish

The long pectoral and caudal fins give Butterfly Koi (or Dragon Koi) its common name. Keepers value and seek them out frequently. The length of the fins is the only identifying feature of this species, which otherwise appears in all the standard colour variations.

These Koi fish are the most common in ponds and water gardens. Kohaku Japanese Koi are a type of Japanese Koi that are white with orange/red markings. They’re the gold standard. A single red spot distinguishes Tancho Koi from other Kohaku Koi.

The term “dragon” can describe two distinct varieties of Koi. This is usually just another name for the common Butterfly Koi. The variety is also known as a Dragon Fish. This fish’s seasonal markings shift from black and white to other colours.

White Shiro Utsui fish have black spots and patterns. Some have two different colours on their heads; some are all white, while others are all black. In addition to the classic black-and-white pattern, Matsuba Koi comes in various colours and patterns, including red and gold with black markings.

In particular, the one-colour cultivar known as “Ogon” is in considerable demand. One of the three possible colours for an Ogon fish is silver, orange, or gold. The scales of a kirin fish are so beautiful they reflect light like gold coins.

Facts on Koi


Caring for koi fish is both a complex and straightforward topic once the basics are grasped. Like other fish, Kois can only flourish in pristine water and on a diet of high-quality food. However, they prefer somewhat chillier temperatures and a bit more space. Be sure to have the necessary koi supplies near and on hand. There are, however, several more desirable fish species to consider if you plan to stock a sizable aquarium or outdoor pond.

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