Yamitsu 55 watt Algae Master UV light for ponds upto 6000gals.


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Yamitsu 55watt UV light.Complete with hosetails for connection of flexible hose from 0.5″ to 1.5″Connects solvent weld pipe (internal) or pressure pipe (fitting over external)2 wall brackets for easy installation.Electronic ballast runs a 55 watt lamp on just 38watts for low running costs.Installed lamp, ready for use.
For Koi ponds upto 6000 gallons. Many factors including stocking levels and hours of sunlight can affect the size UV you need.  Please ask if you require any help in choosing your size of UV light needed. You cannot go too large!!!
Max flow 4000gph. Recommended upto 3000gph.


We have sold hundreds of these units, and would recommend to any pond keeper who is looking for crystal clear water (no more pea soup!!!) and easy installation.