Superfish Pond Flow Eco 2000

Superfish Pond Flow Eco 2000


Ideal for a small fountain / pond / quarantine system.

max flow 2900lph

Max head 2.3m

45 watts

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SuperFish Pond Flow ECO.

Energy saving, multi purpose pond pump suitable for use as a fountain of filter pump.

  • Available in 3 sizes (1000 L/h, 2000 L/h, 2900 L/h).
  • Includes 2 different spray heads: a fountain nozzle and a mushroom nozzle, which are easily ajustable in height.
  • Supplied with a 10 metre power cable.
  • Energy efficient and economical to run.
  • 2 year warranty  and GS approval for quality and safety.


SuperFish Pond Flow ECO 2000

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