PondXpert Spin clean pond pressure filter. 8000 with built in 13 watt UVC

PondXpert Spin clean pond pressure filter. 8000 with built in 13 watt UVC


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This is a new 2019 model of the popular SpinClean pressurised filter at a super low price.

With this pond filter keeping your pond clean and healthy becomes a doddle. Once the filter sponges get full of dirt an indicator pops up alerting you that it’s time for a clean. Simply switch the blue dial from ‘pond’ to ‘waste’. Turn the cleaning handle to agitate the internal sponges to dislodge dirt and debris and watch it run away to waste. Once clean simply return control dial to the ‘pond’ position.

With the Auto option the cleaning method is the same only without the handle.

NOTE: 13 watt UVC bulb included.



  • Dimensions (diameter x height): 38 x 41cm
  • Voltage: 220-240/50Hz
  • UVC power: 13w (single-ended)
  • Foams: 4 (2 blue & 2 yellow)
  • Guarantee: 2 years
  • Power cable length: 3m
  • Inlet/outlet sizes: 12/20/25/32/38mm
  • EasyClean UVC pond filter
  • Pressurised pond filter maximises landscaping opportunities

Suitable for ponds upto 8000litres (1750gallons) With any pond filter, the bigger you go, the better, so consider moving up sizes, especially if you are heavily stocked or the pond is in direct sun for part or all of the day. If your pond conmtaions Koi always go for a filter which will cope with double your volume. If you require any help in choosing the correct size filter for your pond, please call us on 01553770005 or message with your pond size and we can help.

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