Pond Medic Formalin

Pond Medic Formalin


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An effective treatment for parasites including ciliates, flukes, and white spot

Kockney Koi Formalin is an effective treatment against many parasites such as Whitespot, Flukes, Ciliates, and flagellates.

For water temperature of up to 14 Degrees C add 10ml per 1000 Litres (200 Gallons) using the measuring cap provided. Repeat this dose 10 days later. For water temperatures above 14 Degrees C add 10ml per 500 Litres (100 gallons) using the measuring cap provided. Repeat this dose 8 days later.

Do not use below 10 Degrees C is salt is present in the pond. Always mix in a suitable container with some pond water and distribute evenly around the pond. For severe cases use as a dip at the rate of 1ml per 5 litres for up to 30 mins maximum, followed 48 hours later by a standard treatment.

Calculate your pond volume accurately. To calculate your pond volume: Length x Width x Depth x 6 = Gallonage (all measurements are in feet). Monitor your fish during all treatments. Aeration is essential during treatment. If necessary use and additional air pump. Filtration should be maintained at all times. Switch off ultraviolet filters during treatment. Do not overdose. 

If in doubt please contact us for help.

Available in three sizes: 250ml, 500ml, 1 Litre

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