MARCH MADNESS. Save £30. Stingray 6000 8mm pump.

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Stylish and Powerful Performance

The stingray 6000lph pump offers 8mm solid handling for low maintenance.

– No Gimmicks
Key Features
Suitable for submersed and dry sited installation making it ideal for gravity fed filter
Purpose designed filtration pump
Solids handling of up to 8mm
Asynchronous motor designed for long trouble free life
Wildlife friendly design due to diffused intake
Stylish design
Easy to install and maintain
Multi-directional outlet
Large strainer surface
3 Year Guarantee
High Volume outputs, perfect for waterfalls, no matter what your aspirations
are The Stingray range boasts flow rates from 3800 to 16500 litres per hour
and with head heights of up to 7 meters they are ideal for powering the
boldest of waterfalls and brooks.
At Home in the pond
The Stingray from Pond One is the accumulation of lengthy research and
experience. The result is in our opinion not only a stunning looking pump,
but more importantly, one which is simple to understand, use and look
after and furthermost delivers great reliability. From the very beginning, it’s
ability to handle the typical pond environment was paramount in every step
of the design process. The asynchronous motor used, is designed for
continuous use in both a submersed as well as a dry sited application.
The special impeller system handles solid particles much greater in size
than can enter through the strainer. This hels to ensure a ‘clog free’ system.
A filter pumps which considers other inhabitants
of the pond
One concern often voiced with solids handling filter pumps is the safety of the
wildlife in the pond. The Stingray design goes a long way to addressing these
concerns. The pump inlet sits at the very front of the pump, yet the strainer is
designed so that all water flow into the pump is from the top, sides and rear.
The concentrated suction is to the front of the pump, where there is no water
entry. This reduces the torrent created by the up to 6,000 litres per hour that
are being pulled in by the impeller and hence greatly reduces the risk to
weaker wildlife.