Pump Fed self cleaning drum filter with Bio chamber, cleaning pump and connecting pipework.


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Kings Lynn koi have managed to drop the price of drum and Bio filtration!!!

This listing is for the Filtreau 20 drum filter sitting above the Bio bed chamber. The drums cleaning pump and connecting pipework is included along with the reducing inlet to flexible hose and 1/2m of 4″ pipe for return to pond. Due to the nature of this system, the amalgam UV is not included so a suitable inline UV will be required along with a circulation pump. If you already have moving media and an air pump choose option 1, if you require this filter system with the moving media and air pump then option 2 is for you.


Option1. £1395

Drum filter

Cleaning pump

Bio bed


Option 2. £1595

Drum filter

Cleaning pump

Bio bed


60l OASE Hel-x media

Blagdon 60lpm weather proof air pump + air line

How it works?

The ponds circulation pump (not included, call if you need help choosing a suitable pump) pumps the water via a UV (not included) and enters the Drum filter where the water is passed through a 70 micron mesh to remove any waste. The clean water then drops to the bio chamber below where the biological filtration is performed to keep the water healthy before returning to pond via 4″/110mm pipe. Located in the first chamber of the drum filter is a sensor which tells the control box when the drum needs cleaning, and is fully automated for fuss free maintenance. When the control box is informed a clean is needed, the cleaning pump is activated along with the drum motor. The drum is cleaned and the waste flushed directly to waste. An air pump is used to connect to the pre installed rubber air diffuser in the bio bed to keep the media moving and working at is most efficient.

Dimensions. (not allowing for connecting pipes)

85cm x 65cm x 130cm high.


Please call us if you require more info or pop in to our store to see drum filtration running.

 Drum filter.

Screen. 70 micron 316 stainless steel.

Overall dimensions incl waste outlet 79cm x 48cm x 54cm high

Stainless steel Drum 38cm diam x 40cm

Max flow 20000lph (4400gph) Rec 

2 x 110mm inlet (one blank and 1 reducer to hosetail is included)

1 x 40mm outlet with blank. 

1 x110mm to waste. 

Flat jet nozzles on spray bar for easy cleaning.

Control box for automated cleaning.

Manual clean function.

1 year warranty on all parts (ex screen elements)

Cleaning pump with connecting pipework.

Bio Bed.

1 x 110mm outlet plus 50cm 4″ return pipe. 

Pre installed rubber air diffuser.

Optional 60L OASE Hel_x Moving media. (any moving media can be used)

Optional 60lpm air pump with connecting pipe.

(Please note, The Air pump needs to be installed above the biobed water level or a non return valve used)