KLK 12000 Multi chamber koi pond filter + vortex. Gravity feed.


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The KLK 12000 combined vortex and 3 chamber filter is ideal for koi ponds upto 3500gallons (dependent on media options). 

Combined Vortex and multi chamber filter.

Available as pump fed or gravity fed. This page is the gravity fed. If you require a pump fed model, see other listing.

110mm / 4″ solvent weld inlet.

1 x 1.5″ solvent weld out let as standard.

Comes as standard with 3 x  Kockney Koi ball valves for drainage. Swap to 3 x Valterra slide valves for £10

Chambers are sealed unlike many other multi chambers on the market.

Dimensions approx 160cm x 55cm x 60cm.

Min / max flow 2000lph / 9000lph. Recommended 5000 to 8000lph. (We rec turning your pond over every 2 to 2.5 hours)

BUY From a Genuine Koi dealer.

We don’t just manufacture these filters, we have used them for years and can offer you any help and advice you may require. We can also help with any additional equipment you need to keep your koi in crystal clear and healthy water.

Come and see multi chamber filters running, and keeping the water that is home to 1000s of koi, clear and healthy. We can also talk you through how to install or clean your system.

Vortex and 3 chamber filter combined. How does it work?

The filter works on a up and down multi chamber flow. As the water enters the filter, the vortex spins the water, dropping the larger particles to the bottom for easy removal via the included gate / ball valve. On leaving the vortex, the next size particles are captured by the Black Knight filter brushes. The water then moves into the middle chamber in an upward motion through the Blue matting in cartridge form (so it never blocks) before passing into a transfer port to send the water downwards again before moving up through the alfagrog or OASE Hel -x  media in the last chamber.

The settlement of the upward flow, along with the brushes and blue matting carries out the mechanical filtration, whilst the blue matting and alfagrog or OAE Hel-X moving media provide a surface area for the beneficial nitrifying bacteria to live on. It is these bacteria which consume the hidden ammonia and nitrite in the pond thus creating a clear and healthy pond.

The three included KK ball valves allow for easy removal of the accumulated waste in the settlement chambers at the bottom of the filter.

Dont forget to add a suitable UV light to the system. Call or email if you have any queries on this or any other filtration question.

OASE Hel-x  moving media option. £599

This option includes inlet, outlet, 3 x valves and media trays.

4 x Black Knight filter brushes. Blue matting in cartridge form.

25L OASE Hel x  moving media in the final chamber.

Suitable for koi ponds upto  3000 gallons / mixed ponds upto 4500 gallons.

Standard media option. £575

This option includes inlet, outlet, 3 x valves and media trays.

4 x Black Knight filter brushes. Blue matting in cartridge form.

Alfagrog media in the final chamber.

Suitable for koi ponds upto 2500 gallons / mixed ponds upto 3750gallons.

Empty filter option. £499

The KLK 12000 comes with inlet and outlet.

This option allows you to add your own media, valves and grids if required.


We use OASE Hel-X media for our moving media option as it is found to be 30% more effective than K1. When the Hel-X is agitated by air being added to the final chamber, the bacteria work hard to keep the ammonia and nitrite levels low. The movement of the media allows dead bio film to drop off, allowing for new biofilm to arrive. Making the OASE Hel-X one of the best medias on the market today.

Delivery to mainland England at £50 is via Pallet track on a 2-4 day service with a telephone request to book the delivery in. Collection from our store is FREE