Filtreau 20. Affordable drum filter + cleaning pump and pipework.


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Kings Lynn koi have managed to drop the price of drum filtration again!!!

The majority of drum filters available today do not come with a built in UV, and many customers (especially those upgrading existing system) have existing UV filtration in place. KLK can now supply the 20 drum with or with out the UV. This item is the 20 drum filter with out the UV but we have included the cleaning pump and the necessary pipework to connect the cleaning pump to the drum filter.

There is no reduction in the quality of the drum, screen or components used. The control box is told when the unit requires cleaning, and is fully automated for fuss free maintenance. When the control panel is informed a clean is needed, the rinse pump is activated along with the drum motor for a turn and clean. The waste is flushed directly out to drain, and the system remains running.


This drum filter can be installed before an existing system or coupled with a bead filter or Bio bed (or any form of biological filtration) for a fuss free Koi pond. Rubber connectors can be purchased separately from the pipework page or call us with your requirements.

Please call us if you require more info or pop in to our store to see this filter running.


Screen. 70 micron 316 stainless steel.

Overall dimensions incl waste outlet 79cm x 48cm x 54cm high

Stainless steel Drum 38cm diam x 40cm

Max flow 20000lph (4400gph) Rec 

2 x 110mm inlet for connection to 1 or 2 bottom drains.

1 x 110mm outlet.

Connecting pipework for the drum to cleaning pump, and then to spray bar

1 x 40mm outlet to connect to feed of cleaning pump

Flat jet nozzles on spray bar for easy cleaning.

IP44 control box for automated cleaning.

Manual clean function.

1 year warranty on all parts (ex screen elements)

20 Drum filter complete with cleaning pump and all necessary pipework to connect cleaning pump.