190L Bio bed chamber.


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Stand alone Bio chamber holds upto 190L

Max rec amount of media is 120L to allow movement.

Pre installed rubber air diffuser for connection to 8mm air line.

Can be pump or gravity feed.

Supplied empty if you have your own media or choose the amount of Hel-X you would like to add.

Any number of these units can be linked for use after your mechanical filtration.

Comes with 1 inlet (110 mm) and 1 outlet (110 mm) as standard.

(The unit will be supplied with the tank connectors, washers and perfi inserts so they can be drilled on site.If you require these to be drilled or you require alternative size or number of inlet / outlet please call us with your requirements.)


Approx Dimensions: 
60 x 60 x 80 cm  (L x  W  x H)